Stop Telling Women They are Lucky to Have A Husband Who Isn’t Completely Useless.

One of my biggest pet peeves has always been when family and friends constantly remind me of how “lucky” I am to have a husband who actually does something useful around the house for me and who helps takes care of our daughter.

Yes, I understand that times have changed and that the husband’s place is no longer JUST at work & that the wife’s job is no longer to be JUST barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.  But nothing p!sses me off more than a husband getting praised for doing something simple and when the wife does the same thing it is expected, ignored or not recognized. Continue reading


Texts from the Babysitter

I’m not one to brag (oh who am I kidding, I LOVE to brag when it has anything to do with my daughter) but my kid is effing hilarious!  I often think about how funny it would be to document some of the crazy things she says on a daily basis but let’s face it; ain’t nobody got time for that!

Fortunately, I’ve come to realize that some of the things that my daughter says is already documented!  It’s the babysitters!!  Lucky for me, my babysitters are my mom (& dad when he is not working at sea) and my sister.  It’s a great set up that I am totally fortunate to have and I recognize how fortunate I am.  Another great thing about my babysitters is that God graced them with texting skills so I tend to get several updates throughout the day.  I began to call these updates “Lux-isms“. Continue reading

Potty Training: “The Rant”, Volume 1 #TheStruggleIsReal

At this moment, while I sit at my lap top sipping a hot coffee and listening to the laughter of my toddler in the nearby playroom, I can confidentially say that I am one of the lucky ones. Potty Training was somewhat of a breeze for me.  She was trained quickly and seemed to catch on easily.

However, if you would have asked me about 5 months ago at 2am while I was ripping the sheets off of her bed and washing them for the 5th time that week, I might have had a different opinion.

You know how they say you forget what childbirth feels like? The same might be said about potty training!  Sure I can recall the accidents, the sheet washing and the swear words I rhymed off daily, but the pain and suffering is gone.  Diapers are but a mere memory washed away with the tears and potty treats never to be seen or heard from again. Continue reading

Reasons Why I Was Late for Work This Morning: A Woman’s Perspective.

Let’s face it; Life as a parent can get pretty busy at times.  Life as a career person can also get busy.  Mold the two together and you get a sh!t show.  It’s a GD miracle if I make it to work on time most days and forget about showing up early!

I have many reasons that I can be late for work but since we don’t have several hours to spare, here are the top 10 reasons why I was late for work this morning:

1. The clock said 6:02 a.m. and 2 minutes later it said 6:45 a.m. (totally not my fault).

2. I sneezed 3 seconds after applying my mascara.

3. “Bunny” fell in the toilet.

4. My daughter fell in the toilet after diving in for “Bunny”.

5. The laundry I was so proud of doing last night never did make it to the dryer so now I am frantically doing laps around the house looking for something that isn’t sweat pants or showing my bra straps.  *insert shocked face that clothes can go moldy so quick* ebc075f93aaff1fdcfbf620c12c188fd

6. I painted my nails right BEFORE I had to put my shoes on. *dammit!*

7. My last bobby pin just fell down the drain. *Stands there staring: now what am I supposed to do?!*

8. Do ya THINK I could find two socks for my daughter?? *god, they don’t even have to match! Come ON!*

9. I gave up on the bobby pin idea so settled for a pony tail. *Elastic breaks* WHY GOD WHY!!??

10. My daughter needed one more hug and kiss before I left her to go to work.

I guess it’s not all that bad 🙂




Top 5 Reasons Why Sleeping is Totally Overrated.

Picture this. You’re a woman.  You’re a woman with a toddler.  This makes you a mom. Life is all rainbows and butterflies right now. “On point” if you will.  You just got back from a nice weekend away with your husband and your kid stayed with her auntie who she loves with all of her little angel heart.  But uh oh, she wakes up the next morning and you notice her left nose hole is a little runny.  “It must be because she is tired from a busy weekend” you think.  “Nothing serious”.

You continue on like all is normal. You’re a little tired from being free the weekend before and chuckle to yourself because you have to “adult” again and it’s a little challenging to get back into routine with a 2.5 year old running around.

Bedtime nears and although trying to ignore it, that left nose hole just isn’t clearing. You give it the side eye but don’t want to look directly at it encase it notices.  The night passes and you think you are in the clear.  6 a.m. approaches..

BAM!!  Full force, battle of the snots has hit your house!

Continue reading

Mom Guilt

Being a mom is a job that comes with a lot of expectations and earned credentials.  You don’t need a degree to be one, but sometimes I feel like they should offer a course called “You All Survived, You’re Already Winning” or “How to NOT feel like the worst parent EVER.  Trust us, it’s normal“.  I might Google that later just to make sure it’s not available somewhere..

So I recently read a Blog on something called “Mom Guilt”. This is a term that most moms deal with on a daily basis.  You lie to your kid and tell them you are out of cookies because you want them for yourself.  You tell them it’s raining at the playground because you are too lazy to get dressed. I’ve heard of it, I know it, I am it.  However, when I read this particular Blog I expected to become completely inspired by it and to learn to let go of all the guilt and feel like an amazing mom.  This Blogger decided to “embrace mom guilt” and feel good about the fibs you tell your children.  I totally respect the fact that she can do this.  I for one cannot.  And I don’t really think I want to either. Continue reading


When you become an adult, there are many decisions you have to make.  You have to decide things like where you are going to live, what car you are going to drive and sometimes you have to choose which bill is going to get paid each month.  When you become a parent, there are even more decisions you are responsible for.  You must then decide whether or not you will nurse or bottle feed, when bedtime will be, if you should let you child eat sugar for breakfast, which school they will attend and how you will administer discipline (if at all).  No matter how big or small the decision, it will have an impact on your life, so you have to choose wisely.

I’ve been battling a pretty big decision over the past couple of months and it has finally come to rest.  Over the past four years I have had the opportunity to sit as a Board Member on the Strait Regional School Board.  Aside from gaining a wealth of knowledge in budget, finance and policy (to name a few), I have also developed confidence, made friendships, overcome obstacles and gained great respect for our managers, directors, administration, fellow Board Members & our Superintendent of Schools. Continue reading

When My Toddler Thinks She is Getting Her Own Way.

Parents are awesome.  You might even say that we have special super powers that make the world a better place; and if they don’t make the world a better place, they certainly make the home easier to enjoy and the day easier to survive.

Kids, and toddlers in particular, are interesting little creatures and it is not easy to make it out alive unless you know the tricks of the trade.  Experience is the only way to truly make it through; and another adult to share your “adventures” with doesn’t hurt either.  I put adventures in quotations because I use the term very loosely.  I call it adventures but you may have heard it called other things like “punishment” or “hell”.  Nah, I’m just kidding.  Being a parent is mostly a pretty awesome experience.  One of the perks of the gig is that we get to laugh at how gangster our kids think they are when they “get their own way”. Continue reading

My First Liebster Award Nomination!

Okay I am completely thrilled to let you all in on the exciting news! Thanks to I have been nominated for my very first ever Liebster Award! I feel like I won a damn Grammy up in here! Thank you so much, girl!!

This is such an honour because (1) I received the nomination from a fellow Blogger whom I completely adore and (2) I am getting positive recognition for something that I LOVE doing when I am only 19 posts in!

The word “Liebster” comes from a German word meaning loved, beloved and liked very much. I Googled it. I know any award is a good award but I thought I should check to make sure I wasn’t being nominated for the shady award or something! Continue reading

Why Do People Make it Seem Like Their Life is So Perfect on Social Media? Or do they?

It’s no secret that I am a social media junkie. I love sharing photos, catching up on my friends lives and keeping up with current events. What I could never stand, though, was those certain people who always make their lives seem so impeccable on social media when, girl please, we all know that it’s a sham!

BUT is it really?  Stay with me here! Continue reading