Top 5 Reasons Why Sleeping is Totally Overrated.

Picture this. You’re a woman.  You’re a woman with a toddler.  This makes you a mom. Life is all rainbows and butterflies right now. “On point” if you will.  You just got back from a nice weekend away with your husband and your kid stayed with her auntie who she loves with all of her little angel heart.  But uh oh, she wakes up the next morning and you notice her left nose hole is a little runny.  “It must be because she is tired from a busy weekend” you think.  “Nothing serious”.

You continue on like all is normal. You’re a little tired from being free the weekend before and chuckle to yourself because you have to “adult” again and it’s a little challenging to get back into routine with a 2.5 year old running around.

Bedtime nears and although trying to ignore it, that left nose hole just isn’t clearing. You give it the side eye but don’t want to look directly at it encase it notices.  The night passes and you think you are in the clear.  6 a.m. approaches..

BAM!!  Full force, battle of the snots has hit your house!

Well, I don’t have to tell you how the rest of the day goes because you’ve been there. You’re tired and cranky because your kid is tired and cranky.  You feel guilty for being a little impatient but all you want to do is SLEEP.  Oooh honey.  You and I both know that ain’t gonna happen.  Not tonight, not tomorrow night.  Is the end near?  Who knows.  Will you make it out alive?  Maybe.

The good news is, that lack of sleep you think you desperately need? Pfft.. Totally overrated!


Here’s why:

1. Remember how you always wanted to raise money for a worthy cause? Well, Folgers is making a KILLING off of you right now. Congrat’s!

2. You’re a real life comedian now! Your lack of sleep has caused you to fall over the baby gate you forgot was there and everyone knows how hilarious it is to your kid when you hurt yourself! Go team you!

3. Masterchef Mom! You’re too tired to cook so you throw some grated cheese in with the canned zoodles and finally let her put a cup of ketchup on them because her emotions are a ticking time bomb. You’re also thinking that it actually doesn’t taste that bad and your sleep deprivation is teeter- tottering around the idea of posting your recipe idea to Pinterest.

4. Since you have zero energy from lack of sleep, your toddler is learning all about independence. She now knows how to wipe her own bum, do the dishes in the bath tub, apply her own band aid from doing dishes in the bath tub.. Mother AND teacher?! Look at you go!

5. Oh man, you’re so tired but life has to go on so you decide to fold the laundry. And then you realize you just folded the entire basket of dirty laundry. Practice makes perfect! Yay!

See? Doesn’t all of this sound wonderful?!! Sadly, your little darling can’t stay sick forever. After day 5 you notice that they are starting to feel all better! Just when you think it’s all over and life is going to be horrible again (because you know, sleeping is for sucka’s); AHH CHOO!

SURPRISE ATTACK! Yay! Now you’re sick! Let’s get this party started AGAIN!

Ahhh, the lifestyles of the rich & famous.


Designed by yours truly!



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