Keeping Our Little Humans Sharp This Summer- No Brain Washing Necessary!

As parents we all know how important education is to our children. We all want them to grow, learn and become amazing little humans in every aspect of their lives. Obviously, School is a huge part of that.

It’s June so naturally our home has gone from homework and lunches to strikes on the calendar and counting down the days to summer vacay!  My daughter is finishing up grade primary this year and is still only 5 years old so it’s easy for her to learn something and if it’s not practiced often, she tends to forget it; and that’s normal! BUT I do worry about her forgetting a lot of what she learned this year and replacing it all with thoughts of popsicles and water sprinklers.

If only there were some way that they could have fun all summer AND keep their little Einstein brains sharp. Ohhhhh WAIT… Continue reading


“Ba Da Bing; She Dun!” Signs to tell that a mama is done with the school year.

It’s September. It’s the first day of school for your little.  You have ALL the feels. You’re excited, you’re nervous, you might be a little anxious yet relieved. My daughter began her first year of school (grade primary for the win!) this past September and watching her get on that bus for the first time gave me some weird mix of pride and puke that I’ve never felt before.

But I was ON my parent game! I was setting clothes out the night before, I was meal prepping for kick ass lunches. I was sitting at the kitchen table with unlimited patience at homework time. Numbers were my b!tch.

Fast forward to mid May.. Who’s the b!tch now!!?? I’ll admit defeat.. it’s me.

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Mom Guilt Edition 1,000,000,001- Snow Days vs. School

I’ve had to make plenty decisions in my life but this morning was a first for me.
To send them or not to send them? That is the question that I wished never GD existed!
I live in Canada so let me confirm a cliche by saying we have a ton of snow that can begin anywhere in October and go right until May or even June! While a lot of our decisions are based on which type of fort to build or which sled to use, one of the crappiest decisions we have to make as parents is this: do I send my kid to school on the bus today?

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An App with “Merit”- a MomAntics Review

As parents, we love to brag. More specifically, we love to brag about our kids. There’s nothing more satisfying than “baking” with them, dressing them up in their little chefs hat and apron, yelling at them for not doing it right, tears and flour flying, eggs dropping and then capturing that one second smile on our phones so that we can post it to social media to show family and friends. Yes I’m talking about you! I know you’ve done it. You know you’ve done it; heck, I’ve done it! It’s called parenting. We want people to see the best of our children because we want them to know how happy they are ALL DAY EVERY DAY (which we all know is bull but we still want the image).

If you’re like me, you’re torn with popular social media’s like Facebook. You like it because you can update close family and friends on your children’s achievements, like their first ballet recital, or a beautiful piece of artwork they brought home from school.

If you’re like me, you wish you could have a place where you have a perfect circle of your close family and friends that is, most importantly, private, organized, easily accessible and user friendly.

See, the problem with posting our littles to social media is that it is never private. We can never really monitor who sees our kids private moments. And ultimately that is not what I want for my daughter. And to boot, accessing photo albums from Facebook on my phone is a nightmare sent from below! It’s just not the “ideal” situation on how I would like to access my daughters moments in her life.

In an exciting turn of events, I was contacted by co-founder of the Merit App, Brenda2B13BB44-C68A-4DE5-8CA8-F4CCB5C3616F-895-000000F00D8EE4F1 McLaren inviting me to try it out and offer some feedback.

Let me tell you, it’s what I’ve been waiting for! Continue reading

Realizing it’s Okay When Your Baby Takes a Little Longer to Get In The Oven.

Women are interesting and complex characters. We are capable of a lot of sh!t. By now everyone is aware that, as mothers, we assume the roles of not just “mommy” but we also tend to be nurses, doctors, taxi drivers, teachers, custodians, and top chefs (because we know we got this cooking thing down to a science by now). We are hella awesome. BUT, we also get HELLA exhausted. We sometimes resent the days we ever became a parent and wish we could assume the roles of magician and disappear for a week or ten.

What we sometimes tend to forget is how being a parent is a miracle and a blessing. Just having a baby to cry and be exhausted over would be the biggest wish come true a lot of parents could ever hope for.

In my family, aside from my parents, I have one sister who is 3.5 years older than me. Off the top of my head I’d call her “Fertile Myrtle” (her name is Alisha but I like a good rhyme). I swear all she had to do was think about being knocked and there it is. Me, on the other hand, is a different story. It took my husband and I over two years to get pregnant now with our daughter who is now 4 and kicking ass every single day.

I remember how discouraged I was when we got married and I wasn’t rocking a 6B3983F0-171B-4748-8745-E5D666765E85-4811-000005A5144B15C3glorious baby bump 6 months later. I went to our family doctor to ask questions and I quickly found out that to stop taking contraceptives in the middle of the cycle is a no no and that may cause your body to hate itself for a while before getting on the straight and narrow again. I didn’t tell anyone other than my husband and it took a toll on me. I was embarrassed, and looking back now I wish I would have let more people in. Long story short, no extreme measures were taken before our little blonde bombshell came barreling into this world. And we couldn’t have been happier!

1 in 6 couples in Canada unfortunately aren’t so lucky.

Infertility can sometimes be a scary word. An ugly word. A word that many women are ashamed of because a lot of us believe that we were put on this earth to make beautiful babies for us to love and nurture. And you know what? Alot of us are, dammit! But sometimes we need a little extra help. And that is OKAY.

I recently connected with a super woman who happens to also be my family’s photographer. She photographed our wedding back in 2010 and followed us through maternity, all of our daughter’s milestones and many family photo shoots as well. Her name is Jenn Peake of Tailgate Photography, and Jenn and her husband James are a beautiful married couple who are so much in love you need sunglasses to look at them. And they want a baby. Unfortunately, they were looking down the dark road of possible infertility. Continue reading

Don’t Sell Tradition.

These days it seems like we all have the urge to purge. Between Kijiji and all of these buy, sell and trade pages on Facebook, it’s pretty easy to sell our crap and make a buck! And if you’re anything like me, you can’t wait for your kid to stop playing with a toy or to outgrow those adorable tiny shoes so you can throw them on the site, cash them in and buy something new! It really becomes addictive! But hey, that’s what they’re there for; to get out with the old and in with the new! You’re only using the services provided, right?

With the holidays around the corner, I’m here to tell you to put on the brakes and think before you sell, because you just might be throwing away a future tradition or a beautiful memory for your children. Continue reading

Being a Crunchy Mom

I always love discovering new mom terms; you know, words that we use to describe certain types of moms like ‘helicopter mom’ or one that I’ve blogged about in the past ‘unicorn mom’. Just this morning I was checking my email and out of nowhere, there is was. Now, I’ve never heard of this term before (although the very first line said “if you are a mom, you will know this term”- No dice.) Are you ready for it? They called it being a “Crunchy Mom”. Yes, you read that right.. CRUNCHY. I don’t even get it. Well, after I read a little more into it I suppose I did. Have you ever heard of a crunchy mom? Yes, it’s a thing.
Let me crack the crunch and break it down for you. Continue reading

The Struggle, Vol. 1- “Just Say No”. A Mother’s Day Tale.

After a 4 month hiatus, I am back in the blogging saddle! I’ve missed each and every one of you! With Mother’s Day approaching (May 14!), I didn’t want another special occasion to pass without throwing in my two cents worth; because you know me.. I crave a good rant or two.

I hummed and hawed over whether or not to post this Blog. Mostly because I didn’t want the waters muddied by what I am writing vs. what I truly feel in my heart.
As a mother to a 3.5 year old, I love to have lots of laughter in our home. My husband and I love joking with our daughter and keeping things light and airy. It’s
just how we do it and it works for us. If you choose to read on, things will probably go one of two ways for you- Thoughts might run through your head that say
wow, what a heartless b!tch“. Or, if you’re a rock star, you’ll laugh and think “Yes. #MomGoals”.

Okay- You’ve already read all of the blogs about “What Mother’s Want for Mother’s Day”(a bottle of wine) and “What Mother’s REALLY Want for Mother’s Day”
(a silent night). Sure, that’s all well and good but what about the shit that we DON’T want?!! Time to break it down. Continue reading

The Good News is, Nothing is Permanent. The Bad News is, Nothing is Permanent.

I just read a quote on my Twitter feed that read “the good news is, nothing is permanent. The bad news is, nothing is permanent”.  Now, I am not sure what this particular person was referring to, but when I read it, it immediately took me to parenthood.

Parenthood is all kinds of effed up. On one hand, you want to cherish every waking moment that you have with your precious little soul.  You want to hug them so hard their eyes pop out and you want to eat their face because they are so damn cute.  On the other hand, some days you wonder why you ever took the parent plunge at all.  Why in the actual f*ck did we think it was a good idea to be completely responsible for a fragile little devil child who made you fat and doesn’t let you sleep?!  Coffee is a food group, right?

But one thing’s for sure- nothing, I repeat NOTHING, is permanent when it comes to parenthood. Continue reading

Tis the Season for Over Spending (and how not to!)

Tis the season for pumpkin spice everything, crowded malls and holiday themed Blogs. Unfortunately, tis ALSO the season for over spending, credit card bills and a tiny bit of your soul being crushed because of it.

You’d think I would have learned over the years but honestly, I totally didn’t; not until last year. Last year I had enough and I made a plan.  Having a daughter with a birthday in December (ya, apparently I could NEVER make a solid plan) makes it tough to not over spend that month. I had to think of a way to get everyone crossed off on my Christmas list, give a satisfying gift but also not put me on the naughty list with my accountant (or my husband- just sayin’).  Continue reading