The Good News is, Nothing is Permanent. The Bad News is, Nothing is Permanent.

I just read a quote on my Twitter feed that read “the good news is, nothing is permanent. The bad news is, nothing is permanent”.  Now, I am not sure what this particular person was referring to, but when I read it, it immediately took me to parenthood.

Parenthood is all kinds of effed up. On one hand, you want to cherish every waking moment that you have with your precious little soul.  You want to hug them so hard their eyes pop out and you want to eat their face because they are so damn cute.  On the other hand, some days you wonder why you ever took the parent plunge at all.  Why in the actual f*ck did we think it was a good idea to be completely responsible for a fragile little devil child who made you fat and doesn’t let you sleep?!  Coffee is a food group, right?

But one thing’s for sure- nothing, I repeat NOTHING, is permanent when it comes to parenthood. Continue reading