Why Do People Make it Seem Like Their Life is So Perfect on Social Media? Or do they?

It’s no secret that I am a social media junkie. I love sharing photos, catching up on my friends lives and keeping up with current events. What I could never stand, though, was those certain people who always make their lives seem so impeccable on social media when, girl please, we all know that it’s a sham!

BUT is it really?  Stay with me here!

Last night my husband and I had a few of our friends over for Labour Day weekend. We began chatting about my previous blog “The Week That Facebook Went” and got into the topic of those stupid photo quotes that people post when they want to indirectly insult someone.  That quickly led into one that we all saw someone post at one time or another that was about “fake friends”. That, of course, led my friend (TG) into the age old annoyance that everyone has about those people who pretend to have a perfect life but we all know that it just isn’t true.

Are you still with me? Because here is where it gets interesting. TG went on to say that SHE is one of those people who looks like she has a perfect life on Facebook but, just like the rest of us, just doesn’t! To be honest, it took me off guard at first! I mean, why would you want to pretend to be someone you’re not?! But that’s the thing! She’s not pretending. She is just choosing to only post the POSITIVE things that happen in her life because, frankly, why would she ever want the world to know that her husband pissed her off or that her friend hurt her feelings? These are things that we ALL go through in our lives! It’s completely normal! But not all of us choose to share these private, less than glamorous moments.


I had such an epiphany! So, let me play devils advocate for a second. Maybe, those people we are shaming for “being fake” on social media are really just choosing to only post the happy times in their lives because anything else is none of anyone’s damn business!

You know it’s funny because we all preach about being positive and building each other up but it seems like when we see people trying to do just that, we call them fake! I admit, I am just as guilty. But when TG made me see this from a different perspective, it totally made sense.

Just something to think about.

So from now on, when we see that one friend on social media who is “acting like their life is perfect”, don’t scroll by and roll your eyes. Try “liking” their status and being happy for them! This should be a no brainer but for some reason, in today’s society, it’s not.

Remember, when you are nice to someone, it doesn’t just make them have a better day. Try being genuinely happy for people who are doing well for themselves.  Supporting another’s success won’t dampen yours.

Thanks, T! ❤



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