Mom Antics- The Terrifying Tale

Welcome!  I am a mom.  Let me be clear; I am a mom to a GIRL. A girl who is the scariest, intense, most beautiful thing I have ever laid my eyes on.  I am the luckiest human being on this entire earth.  There, I said it!

Being a parent is insane because it makes you an instant hero.  An idol to this little person of which you are completely responsible for.  It’s a big deal!

When I became a parent 4 years ago, I started getting all of these thoughts and ideas.  I wanted to bake more.  I wanted to find amazing recipes with simple ingredients that I could share with my daughter.  I wanted to experiment with all of these cool “life hacks” and share my epic fails and parent wins along the way; and BONUS! I like to write. So here I am and there you are!

Please take a look around and click “Blog” above to read my stories. I hope you enjoy!