Mom Antics- The Terrifying Tale

Welcome!  I am a mom.  Let me be clear; I am a mom to a TODDLER.  A toddler who is the scariest, intense, most beautiful thing I have ever laid my eyes on.  I am the luckiest human being on this entire earth.  There, I said it!

Being a parent is insane because it makes you an instant hero.  An idol to this little person of which you are completely responsible for.  In their eyes you can do no wrong (until the “tween” years I am told, at which point and for infinity after you can do no RIGHT).  I digress.

When I became a parent (almost) 3 years ago, I started getting all of these thoughts and ideas.  I wanted to bake more.  I wanted to find amazing recipes with simple ingredients that I could share with my daughter.  I wanted to experiment with all of these cool “life hacks” and share my epic fails and parent wins along the way.  But I never had any place to put them!

Well, would you look at that.