I am a twenty-something year old mom to a hilarious toddler.  Her name is Lux and in her short 2.5 years, I already can’t remember what life was like without her.  I work two jobs; both of which involve an office chair, lots of coffee & the odd event (fav!).  I love baking, books & all things event planning!

When I am not working, I am road trippin’ with Lux and together we are finding cool new recipes to try out, taking pictures and kicking ass in general.

I live in a very rural area of Nova Scotia in an old house on the river with my daughter, my husband & our Golden Retriever.  And now I guess I am a blogger!  I march to the beat of my own drum  and I try to enjoy life without regrets.  Cliché you think?  Well, you might be right.  Either way, enjoy the wild ride which is my life!  You might even learn a thing or two along the way!  I know I will!

Feel free to CONTACT me any time at mallori.nickerson@gmail.com