When My Toddler Thinks She is Getting Her Own Way.

Parents are awesome.  You might even say that we have special super powers that make the world a better place; and if they don’t make the world a better place, they certainly make the home easier to enjoy and the day easier to survive.

Kids, and toddlers in particular, are interesting little creatures and it is not easy to make it out alive unless you know the tricks of the trade.  Experience is the only way to truly make it through; and another adult to share your “adventures” with doesn’t hurt either.  I put adventures in quotations because I use the term very loosely.  I call it adventures but you may have heard it called other things like “punishment” or “hell”.  Nah, I’m just kidding.  Being a parent is mostly a pretty awesome experience.  One of the perks of the gig is that we get to laugh at how gangster our kids think they are when they “get their own way”.

Here are some prime examples of when my daughter thinks she is getting her own way but it is actually me who has the real win (and a laugh):

1. You beg for a freezie at 6am and I consistently say “no”.  Finally, by 8am I give in and you get your way & you strut your stuff to the TV with freezie in hand. (I froze no sugar, organic apple juice last night)

2. You didn’t want vegetables for supper.  You stomped on the floor & threw your hands up in protest.  I finally gave in and let you have chili with meat & sauce only. (I used the food processor.  You have more veg in that little body of yours than I did on my 21 Day Fix)

3. I wanted you to wear pants today so I insisted you leave the house in your underwear. “Okay hunny, if that’s really what you want, you can wear the pants“! *mom smirk*

 4. You just came in from playing outside in the mud. You are filthy. I ask you to wash your hands. Oh hell no.  I immediately begin washing dishes.  Naturally you want to help because bubbles are involved.  So I let you take over from there. (I threw a few plastic cups in the sink during your tantrum.  Happy “dish washing” a.k.a hand washing, little one) *evil grin*

5. We are in the car and you see that my cell phone is sitting in the cup holder. You want it. You kick the back of the seat and start screaming that you need that phone. I pick up the cell & sadly tell you that “oh darn!  Mommy’s cell died, hunny, look!”  You take the phone noticing that the screen is black and the buttons don’t work.  You even try pressing the power button, but nothing.  “All mommy has for you are these cookies. Want one?” *innocent grin* (You give the phone back & happily take your cookie, I turn the lock button off of my cell & we have a quiet, peaceful drive with no accidental dials to my co-workers.)

 Although kids can be a handful sometimes and life can seem hectic, when you get these little wins and get to share the funny stories at the end of the day, it all seems worthwhile, don’t you think?

 Hope you enjoyed! Feel free to share your #ParentWins too! I would love to read them!







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