Being a Crunchy Mom

I always love discovering new mom terms; you know, words that we use to describe certain types of moms like ‘helicopter mom’ or one that I’ve blogged about in the past ‘unicorn mom’. Just this morning I was checking my email and out of nowhere, there is was. Now, I’ve never heard of this term before (although the very first line said “if you are a mom, you will know this term”- No dice.) Are you ready for it? They called it being a “Crunchy Mom”. Yes, you read that right.. CRUNCHY. I don’t even get it. Well, after I read a little more into it I suppose I did. Have you ever heard of a crunchy mom? Yes, it’s a thing.
Let me crack the crunch and break it down for you.
A crunchy mom is one of those moms who are “all natural”. You know the moms I am talking about. The one’s who don’t vaccinate their children and who only use essential oils for illness and ailments. The moms who only believe in cloth diapers, organic everything and the ‘breast is best’ approach. The piece I read this morning was asking moms to consider being just a little crunchy. I for one am just glad being a crunchy mom isn’t a per-requisite because I would fail that sh!t. I would fail that sh!t good.
Now just because I am not a crunchy mom does not at all mean that I don’t have a little crunch under the surface. Although I 100% believe in vaccinating my daughter and think cloth diapers would be great if I had the patience (thankfully my house has been diaper-free for months now! Ouu! Make it raaaain!), my husband and I do tend to try to teach our daughter sustainability and what life should really be about, in our opinion of course.
Here are some examples of how we allow some crunch into our lives without being psycho about it (no offense to all the full on crunch mom’s out there; you’re doing great- but seriously, vaccinate your kids!):
1. We grow our own veggies and are currently teaching our 3.5 year old how to do it, too. My child has never eaten a jar of baby food in her life. Not even one time. We have a pretty large garden in our yard and have always grown our own veggies. It’s cheap, it’s fun and it’s healthy! Now that our daughter is old enough to understand that things grow from seeds, she has started her own garden and is currently growing cucumbers, tomatoes and carrots. She loves watching her creation grow and she will enjoy the fruits of her labor soon enough.
2. The teething necklace. I know parents have been getting crap about these lately but honestly, I opted to use the amber teething necklace instead of pumping a bunch of medicine and numbing gel into our daughter. It worked like a charm and a night’s sleep was never lost because of teething pain.
3. Becoming one with nature. Okay, so maybe I don’t take my kid on daily nature hikes and make her camp out in the yard and eat balsam and wild berries, but I do conscientiously choose to monitor her IPad time and raise her so that she would rather run around the yard and dig worms with her father than be a coach potato. I consider that a win!
4. I reasonably try to throw in some sort of fruit and vegetable into each of her three regular meals a day. Key words “reasonably try”. And I have to admit, the first time my daughter ate an actual hotdog was at her second birthday and that was because her theme was carnival (and you can’t be at a carnival without hotdogs!) A fruit or veg can easily include frozen peas and corn if I have nothing else or am short on time. A yogurt has also easily counted as fruit for the same scenarios. My point is, we try to make these two things frequent in our daughters life and she proves our point every day; she now asks for strawberries and blueberries for dessert instead of cookies (although she is her mother’s daughter and she would never let a good cookie go to waste). And she even likes broccoli!
When it all comes down to it, we do the best we can with the resources we have and with what we believe is the best for our children. They are our little heroes and we are hardwired to love them unconditionally and give them the world. I will never be a crunchy mom, nor do I want to be, but I am going to love my girl and probably screw up once in a while, too. And that’s okay! It’s life after all.
So now the the burning question still remains: Are you a crunchy mom?


7 thoughts on “Being a Crunchy Mom

  1. Darlene Dee says:

    I think we’re all a little crunchy, even you (!!). But it’s ok if you don’t like the term. 🙂 I always assumed it had something to do with granola, but I have zero backup for that weird assumption.

    Now I have to go find out what a unicorn mom is….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. honestmommasheritage says:

    Very cool! I’m not quite a momma yet, but I don’t think I’m going to completely be a crunchy mom, but I know I’ll be a little crispy! Lol!! I want to vaccinate my kids, but we grow our own veggies and use essential oils! I never knew they called moms crunchy though… I wonder why… 🤔 hmm


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