The Good News is, Nothing is Permanent. The Bad News is, Nothing is Permanent.

I just read a quote on my Twitter feed that read “the good news is, nothing is permanent. The bad news is, nothing is permanent”.  Now, I am not sure what this particular person was referring to, but when I read it, it immediately took me to parenthood.

Parenthood is all kinds of effed up. On one hand, you want to cherish every waking moment that you have with your precious little soul.  You want to hug them so hard their eyes pop out and you want to eat their face because they are so damn cute.  On the other hand, some days you wonder why you ever took the parent plunge at all.  Why in the actual f*ck did we think it was a good idea to be completely responsible for a fragile little devil child who made you fat and doesn’t let you sleep?!  Coffee is a food group, right?

But one thing’s for sure- nothing, I repeat NOTHING, is permanent when it comes to parenthood.

This little quote is really helpful to us in all sorts of situations. Yes it is a catch 22 but it is one that deserves an MD for crying out loud!  It will get us through the hard times when our child is up all night because Grampa thought it would be downright CRUEL to not let your kid run around outside in her underwear because it’s the first snowfall of the year! Of course they caught a horrible cold because of it. But you were making memories!  (you were also making snot!)  Just think to yourself: The good news is, nothing is permanent.  Before you know it, your devil will be an angel again and you will be sitting quietly together at the kitchen table coloring beautiful pictures, singing beautiful songs together and you wonder to yourself how you ever got so lucky.

It will also keep you grounded when other situations arise, like watching your baby take parenting-objectivismher first steps or clapping as your baby eats solid food for the first time. You hope that they will never grow up and want those moments to last forever, but they won’t.  There will be challenges.  These moments in time are not permanent.

We have to remember that life happens and life is constantly changing. We, as parents, will go through our fair share of ups and downs and that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be.  The trick is not to just remember that these moments won’t last forever but it’s how we chose to actually deal with knowing all of this.  We won’t be sad because we know that going to school is a stepping stone for them to be moving out of the house.  We will be happy that we are here to witness such incredible moments and accomplishments in our children’s lives.  We have to make the best out of every hand that life deals us.


If you catch yourself lying on the kitchen floor crying because your baby hasn’t slept in 24 hours, say to yourself: The good news is, nothing is permanent.

If you find yourself in an audience watching your 6 year old get their first award for being a good helper in class, don’t forget: The bad news is, nothing is permanent BUT, you have this moment now.  Appreciate it and be thankful for it.  Cherish it with everything you’ve got and USE IT when you have to say to yourself: The good news it, nothing is permanent.


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