Give the Annoying Younique Rep a Chance, Dammit!

By now we have all heard of the businesses that everyone and their best friend have joined. You’ve got your Scentsy, your Pampered Chef, your Arbonne and your Tupperware. You also have your Rodan + Fields and of course your Epicure!

These companies have all taken the world by storm! Everywhere you look someone is having a “party” either online, at their home or both!  I will be the first person to admit, the constant posts, Facebook notifications and party invites get DAMN ANNOYING.

Now, before you get all up in arms, hear me out!

With all of that being said, my sister in law has recently become a Younique Representative. For those of you living under a rock, Younique is, simply put, a huge ass company that sells make-up.  As an outsider looking in, these companies are all the same; nice enough, but overpriced.  Well, since my sister in law joined up, I thought I would support her new venture and book a party with her (I went with the online + home option).  I was FULLY expecting to have the most annoying two weeks of my life.


Let me sing you the song of my people: GIVE THESE COMPANIES A CHANCE! Give your representative a chance!  You just might be in for a surprise; and I was.

Right off the bat, the TIME and EFFORT these people put into selling products, making up samples, creating fun games, having draws, filming tutorials and finding you the best deal possible when you purchase items is nothing short of amazing. I’ve never met a representative yet that wasn’t 100% committed to their respective company, and commitment is something that I respect in any person.

Another reason to love your Rep is because they are giving you the opportunity to shop local! You are supporting someone who is trying to make a little extra cash, or get some free product for themselves and their families!  Who doesn’t want that?!

One impressive bit of information I learned when I signed on to host a Younique party through my sister in law (Sparkle & Shine with Melissa- look her up!) , is that Younique iscol_join a huge supporter of empowering women and building self-esteem in women of all ages. They have their own foundation which fights against sexual abuse in women, they send women to retreats to heal from traumatic experiences and that just gives me all of the feels!  In the words of my sister in law “we are a sisterhood”.  I’m pretty sure this is straight out of a fairytale book. COME ON!  Someone pinch me!

I have to say, I give my home party and online experience a 10/10! We had a group of women of all ages get together, have brunch and mimosa’s, play with some quality make-up, and win some prizes in the process!  I even got some amazing benefits to boot, just for volunteering to host a party!

So, the next time you receive that notification and party invite on Facebook, or you notice that one of your friends has become a brand new Representative for Scentsy, Tupperware, Rodan + Fields or Younique (to name a few), please take a breath and remember:

  1. You are essentially supporting a local entrepreneur.
  2. This person really believes in something and that is awesome.
  3. This company probably supports a cause that really makes a difference in the world.
  4. This person is just looking to make a little extra spending money, a chance to socialize and make new friends, or maybe they are hoping that they don’t have to choose between rent or food on the table this month.

So get out there and support your peeps! Put some make-up on, cook an awesome meal in your beautifully scented home and know that you supported not just a company, not just a friend, but an entrepreneur and a cause that helps so many people begin a new chapter in life.

Whatever your reason is, please just give the annoying Rep a chance, because MY annoying Rep transformed into my strong, self-confident SHE-RO!


P.S., encase you are wondering, I totally didn’t become a Rep myself. I’ll leave that to the professionals!  Thanks for the inspiration, Melissa!! ❤


One thought on “Give the Annoying Younique Rep a Chance, Dammit!

  1. melissamaryoutlookcom says:

    Aww Mallori your gonna make me tear up! I love this so much and I’m so happy you felt the party was a 10/10, wow! That’s pretty amazing!!

    And if anyone is interested in being contacted by the “annoying rep”, ha ha ha, feel free to contact me: or you can always check out my web page at: (I hope it’s ok to put my contact info here)
    I’ll do my very best to show you ways to save money, (including having a party of your own ) and/or I’d love to tell you more about becoming a Younique Rep!
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for having the party Mallori and believing in my abilities. Your party was such a success on so many levels!!💞💞

    Liked by 1 person

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