Why Every Dad is the Best Dad.

Dads. I can’t say enough about them.  They are pretty amazing beings and too often don’t get enough credit for all that they do; that’s why posts like these are so important!  There are so many reasons we should celebrate them because every dad is the BEST dad.

They are our own personal super hero!img_6539


They know we are complete lunatics but they love us anyway.img_6939


They buy us our very first ride, even if mom says “no” (they have to take the first test drive OF COURSE. But we know it’s only to keep us safe).img_6547


They teach us about the great outdoors and keep asking us how excited we are but we both know you are more excited than us just because you love spending time with us while doing the things you loved as a kid. (We wouldn’t have it any other way, dad).img_6781


Dads are HILARIOUS and always tell the best jokes (we don’t tell him that we are really laughing at how funny they think they are when they are trying to make us laugh).img_6426


We know how hard our dads work so we know they have to rest, too. That’s okay, dad.  I got you.


We know that no matter what, we will always be daddy’s little girl ❤img_6938


And daddy’s special guy ❤img_6546


Dads are ALWAYS down for a little game of spy. Ahhh dad, I love  you.  You make me feel like such a hero!img_6489


And dad, as we grow up (and we will, no matter how hard you try to keep us little) we always want you to remember that no matter what life throws at us, you will always be important to us and we will always remember these special memories you made.

And to the dad’s that have kids who are already grown, thank you. Thank you raising us to be respectful and to be respected.  Thank you for still looking at us like we are little but trying your hardest to treat us like responsible adults. img_6537

And thank you for treating OUR kids like the most precious form of life there is, because that is exactly how we feel, too.img_6937

I love you, dad xo


“A special thank you to each and every person who shared their favorite photos of their dads and dad-figures!  You are ALL rock stars and we are all so incredibly lucky to have or had such amazing people in our lives.” – Mal ❤


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