Texts From the Babysitter: Part II- The Life of a Toddler.

It just doesn’t stop with this kid. I am lucky enough to have family close by to watch my (almost) 3 year old daughter when I go to work and some of the things.. scratch that, ALL of the things she comes out with just make you wonder how difficult it would really be to send her to a “Kids Say the Darndest Things” audition! (is that show still on the air?!)

Here’s what I got from my babysitter (AKA my sister) so far today:

Babysitter- 12:58 p.m.

Text said:Lux– auntie are you glad I came to stay with you today?

     Me– yes, Lux, auntie is very happy that you came to stay with her today!

     Lux– but auntie, are you glad?

     Me- yes I am glad Lux, I love when you come stay with me.

     Lux- auntie is it because I am your special girl?

     Me- yes of course it is.

     Lux- I love you auntie.

     Me- I love you too cutie pie.

     Lux- Oh yum! What kind of pie auntie??  Is it in the fridge? 

     Me- hahahahaha

     Lux- It’s not funny auntie, I love blueberry pie and so does mommy!

Well, that conversation took a major turn at pie! LMAO”


Babysitter- 1:14 p.m.

Text said“She dropped her gum in the toilet while she was pooping! She was devastated!  She begged me to pick it out and wash it off… LOL”

Babysitter- 1:35 p.m.

Text said“Oh and FYI, her words of the day are still oh poopy sh!tty.  How does she remember these things? Have you been saying it at home?!”

Babysitter- 1:36 p.m.

Text said“she just said she was gonna go on her bouncy castle when she got home.  I said what do you do on your bouncy castle?  She says ‘well I bounce! And sometimes I made toots when I bounce’! LMAO”

Ahhh the life of a toddler! Keep em coming babysitter! xx


UPDATE: There was no actual pie and despite her best efforts, Lux did not get her gum back.


Thumbs up to Chocolate Milk!  She forgot about her gum already 😉


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