Top 10 Reasons Why I am Nailing This Motherhood Thing.

Dedicated to my hilarious, amazing, beautiful spit fire, Lux. ❤

Sometimes motherhood is unpleasant.  Sometimes it is effing HARD.  There are times when a deserted island with nothing but Netflix and time sounds pretty damn appealing.  Sometimes I want to pee alone.

There are rare times when I think I just might be doing it all wrong, but mostly, I am nailing it.  Here’s why:

  1. She has zero cavities (and that has NOTHING to do with giving her a toothbrush to gnaw on just so I can finish my coffee in peace).
  2. I buy Dora Band Aids (because all of her ailments MUST look hella cute!)
  3. I take the time to make sure her IPad is always at least 60% charged because Peppa Pig is important.
  4. I bought my 2 year old a damn IPad.
  5. I let her have Cheesies for breakfast on Thursdays.
  6. I’ve only dropped her in the toilet once.
  7. I always eat the last Bear Paw cookie because too much sugar is bad for such a little girl (unless it’s the molasses kind; in that case, have at er!)
  8. I almost ALWAYS remember to put sunscreen on her!
  9. I love her so much that I hope she wakes up to pee in the middle of the night just so that I can sneak in another hug.
  10. After all the times I pull her hair when I am brushing it, don’t give her chocolate for breakfast and refuse to let her ride in the trunk of my car, she still tells me she loves me.


We all just wing this motherhood thing.  Sometimes we come out on top, and other times we fall flat on our faces.  All times we love more than we ever thought possible.  And that is the real win.

To the mom reading this, I know you’re doing your best!  Embrace the screams (it’s called passion), smile at the dirty looks (YOUR mom would probably say they got that from you anyway) and keep hugging even though you get pushed away (they secretly love it).

You have the hardest job on the planet, but it is also the most rewarding.  Wear your invisible cape with pride!  ❤





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