DIY: Ridiculously Easy Fall “Pot Potpourri”

I feel like I should immediately start by saying you shouldn’t judge the picture I have featured here because it really looks kind of sketchy.  However, it’s not like you will be feeding this concoction to your first born so I guess there’s nothing to worry about.  It’s all about the smell my friends!  This is my pot that was on my stove yesterday.

Anyone who knows me recognizes my all around appreciation for scented candles.  I get this from my mother.  Growing up, mom always had a candle burning in our kitchen and as a result, our house always smelled a-maz-ing!  You can imagine the devastation when a friend walked in expecting fresh baked cookies but finding out that it was just Claire’s new “pecan pie” scented candle.

So I guess I picked up that trait from her!

With all of that being said, there is just something about the smell of actual cinnamon rolls baking in the oven that trumps an artificial scent.  It gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling of a cozy, welcoming home.

Pot Potpourri is great because you can get the scent of “Fall” all day in your home from throwing a bunch of crap in a pot and simmering it for hours on end.  BONUS: My husband has asthma and finds some candles overwhelming.  This is a great substitution and uses more natural ingredients that won’t effect his breathing.

So I took a medium size pot, threw the following ingredients in, gave it a stir and filled it halfway with water.  I brought it to a boil.  When it started to boil, I turned it down to a low simmer.

Here’s what I threw together:

  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 1 sliced tangerine
  • 2 large tbsp. shredded coconut (next time I am trying coconut oil instead!)
  • 2 pinches of nutmeg
  • 2 pinches of apple pie spice (I couldn’t find the pumpkin which I would have loved to try- next time!)

I was AMAZED!  The beautiful scent began making its way through my home in less than five minutes!  My husband said he could really smell the tangerine slices with the cinnamon stick being a close second.  I could smell the nutmeg & cinnamon and I could have sworn I could even smell the coconut (I didn’t think I would be able to).

I let it simmer on my stove for about 6 hours and it was still going strong.  I gave the mixture a stir every couple of hours although I don’t think it was really needed.  At the 6 hour mark, the water started getting low so I threw some more in, and I was pumped to discover that the smell continued!

The smell instantly put me in a good mood.  My daughter and I did some Fall crafts and really enjoyed our afternoon!

Give it a try and don’t be scared to throw in your other favorite ingredients that remind you of Fall!





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