Why the World Would be a Better Place if a Mom Were in Charge.

Let’s face it. Women in general are AMAZING human beings.  We are all hilarious, intelligent, emotional, lunatic hot messes and you love us for it!  Think about a woman in your life and imagine what it might be like if you’ve never met her.  Crappy, right?!  Of course it would be crappy!!  But as amazing as a woman is, do you know who might be able to step it up even one more notch?  A MOM.  And this is why the world would be a better place if a mom were in charge!

Mom’s are fickle creatures and not a force to be reckoned with.  On the outside they can seem sweet; innocent even!  They are helpful, they do homework; hell, most of them can even bake for god’s sake!  But the second they feel threatened or worse, the second they feel that their CHILD is being threatened..  Well…

If a mom were in charge of the world:

You would never go hungry.  If there is one goal that a mom has on a daily basis, it is to feed her child.  It may be a microwaved hot dog and a yogurt but we get it DONE and we get it done like a BOSS.  And a mom would always make it up to us on Fajita Friday so there would be no disappointments either.  World hunger solved. BAM.

You would always get the BEST hugs.  Having important responsibilities is really hard work and a mom knows that.  If you are ever feeling sad, frustrated or feel like giving up, moms love hugs and they are FREE!  The more hugs the better!  *I know honey, don’t pay attention to that mean person in accounting.  Give me a hug!*

You would always have a #1 Fan.  Mom’s are the BEST for supporting our achievements no matter how big or small.  As long as you went to work and gave it a solid effort, or even promise to give it a solid effort tomorrow, a mom will be proud!

Crime rate would be at zero.  Don’t even pretend that you don’t picture yourself as “Mom 007“.  Moms are secret investigators and although they pretend to mind their own business, they know all and see all.  Or so they think!  Ahh, give them a break, they are just looking out for their babies!

Love really would win.  Moms see the best in everyone and have a special place in their heart for those who care for others.  A mom would see to it that there would be no judgments and that everyone would love unconditionally and without boundaries.  Do I detect possible world peace?!

Coffee would be in endless supply and it would be free.  No explanation needed.

See??  How could you NOT want a mom to be in charge of the world?  I could only really see one other person who might compete with a mom.

**Ohh, what is that amazing smell??!!!  Is that COOKIES?  And home made BREAD? **

Hi Nan!  Hmmm, how would you like to discuss a possible career opportunity…?



xx love you mom!




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