Planning a Peppa Pig Birthday!

“If you want to jump in muddy puddles, you must wear your boots!”

If you recognize that line and are reading it in a cute English accent, you might be a Peppa Pig Parent! And if you are a Peppa Pig Parent, then you will probably have to plan a birthday party for your little one that is all things Peppa!  This idea doesn’t have to be scary, daunting or expensive!

I am in the process of planning my daughter’s third birthday and we have decided to go with the Peppa Pig theme. She is obsessed with the show, the characters and puddle jumping!  Since I love event planning and a challenge, I put my thinking cap on and here is what I came up with!


1.Musical Muddy Puddles. This is a spin on “musical chairs” but instead of the chairs, cut out brown felt or cardboard puddle shapes, place them randomly on the floor (be sure to put non-slip material underneath or play on carpet) and have one less puddle than kids! When the music stops, the kids run to a puddle.  The person with no puddle is out, another puddle gets taken away and Bob’s your uncle!  Peppa loves jumping in muddy puddles so this one is sure to be a hit!

2.Pin the Tail on Peppa. This is a spin on, you guessed it, “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”. I used Vistaprint ( to order a poster with a picture of Peppa on it that Ipreview found on Google. It cost me $4.00.  The photo shown here is the poster I made. You can easily print off a large picture from Google and use your home printer, as well.  Cut out pink piggy tails from your kid’s construction paper (or buy some from the dollar store) and use those for the tails!  Easy peasy!



Guest Favors.

If you’re into guest favors like I am you will want to send the littles home with something cute as a thank you for coming to the party. I came up with an idea that is really adorable but also inexpensive.

Muddy Puddle DIY Kits. Print off a cute sign made from Microsoft Word that says “Thank you for helping us celebrate ______ ‘s birthday! Please take a muddy puddle kit!”  In this kit I used the following:

    1. Chocolate Pudding cups,
    2. Crushed Oreos,
    3. Gummy Worms,tags
    4. A plastic spoon,
    5. Clear cellophane treat bags or Ziploc baggies to put the items in, and
    6. Ribbon to tie the bag and a DIY tag to complete the look! (see photo here of mine. I made a circle shape on Word, added text & a photo and printed them off!)


If you time your party right, you won’t have to serve a full meal. I am having my daughter’s birthday at 2pm, which tends to run into snack time in our house.  I will have the usual chips and/or popcorn (popcorn is cheaper), cheese and crackers.  I will have a Peppa themed cake of course (HINT: Partial DIY- purchase a premade cake from your local Superstore or Sobeys with no decoration on top.  Buy chocolate frosting and create a “muddy puddle” on top and stick a figurine in the puddle.  Pipe some grass around the cake using green dyed icing and your Happy Birthday _____ text on top and voila!).  I will have water, chocolate milk (aka muddy water), coffee & tea for the adults and some goldfish crackers (aka Goldie Crackers; Peppa loves Goldie the Goldfish).


Although you are planning a Peppa Pig themed party, you don’t need to go out and spend a fortune on plates, cups, etc. that have her face plastered on them! Watch an episode and take note of the colors and different items that are a big part of the show and go from there.  Some decorating ideas I will be using are:

  1. Rubber Boots with real or dollar store bought flowers inside (my sister has five kids so I will definitely be borrowing her kids rubber boots! Depending on the time of year, you and your kids can go outside and pick wild flowers the morning of the party)
  2. Umbrellas
  3. Watering Cans
  4. Brightly colored balloons (I will be using  green & red balloons, buying brown packing paper or tissue paper and making a large tree as a focal point! You can kind treeof scrunch the brown paper to make a tree trunk effect. I found a cute photo online that I will go by- see here.)
  5. Backdrop for Food Table. I also ordered a large banner from Vistaprint that I will be using as a backdrop to the food table. I waited for a sale on the website and got a HUGE banner for around $40. TIP: take good care of it and you can sell it after to get some of your money back!
  6. Brightly colored napkins, plates and cups. They can be solid colored items bought from the dollar store. Just have them match the color scheme of your party. I will be using solid pink, green, blue and yellow.

Hosting a kids party can still be a blast without costing a ton of mula in the process!  Try to have fun with it and when all is said and done, the memories that your child will have from their party will be about the time spent with you, not if the decorations were on point (although, if you follow my lead, they totally will be).



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