My First Blog!

My first blog: Now I know what it feels like to really reach the top!

I’m Mallori.  I am a twenty-something year old mom to a hilarious toddler.  Her name is Lux and in her short 2.5 years, I already can’t remember what life was like without her.  I work two jobs; both of which involve an office chair, lots of coffee & the odd event (fav!)

When I am not working, I am road trippin’ with Lux and together we are finding cool new recipes to try out, places to chill, taking pictures and kicking ass in general.

I live in a very rural area of Nova Scotia in an old house on the river with my daughter, my husband & our Golden Retriever.  And now I guess I am a blogger!

What to expect from my blog:

  1. the occasional swear word;
  2. awesome recipes with simple ingredients (tested & approved by yours truly);
  3. tales of the shenanigans I tend to get myself into;
  4. Lux-isms (you will get to know the term), and
  5. venting sessions from a parent who doesn’t quite know what the hell she is doing.

Wish me luck!


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